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To play you need sticks, stones and/or leaves, and at least one friend or enemy to play with.

Sticks are better if they are long and nimble, but you can surprise opponents with short and stout sticks as well.

Stones should be smooth or sharp, and are generally more appreciated if they have a nice weight to them.

Leaves are all about color, except also a bit about shape but that's up to you. Warmer colors are stronger against cooler colors because they warm them up, but cooler colors counter warm colors because they cool them down.

Stones can have colors, but they work the opposite to leaf colors. Stick colors only matter if all your sticks are the same color. This is known as a "Branching Combo".

You can stack leaves together and play them as one but your opponent mustn't know you're playing more than one up until it's too late for them.

You should not use sticks and stones to break your opponents' bones. Leaves are fine though.

If a stick snaps, its power is divided accordingly into the new sticks.

You can combine your sticks and stones and leaves into bigger, stronger forms using tape, glue or whatever, possibly making them obtain new abilities, but they'll lose their individual personalities that way.

In case of a tie, the player closest to winning is declared victor.

Submission for Not A Game Jam Game Jam 2021.

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